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Sarah Aliza Murry
I am an expert content marketer and strategic editorial thinker who works with Fortune 500 brands.
Brands are only as impactful as the stories they tell.

*In my bag of tricks

  • Digital Content Strategy
    From thought leadership think-pieces at the top of the funnel to click-y calls-to-action that drive conversion, I understanding how it all hangs together.
  • Social Media Strategy
    I can help plan and execute both paid and organic social campaigns that drive engagement and clicks, while hitting all the right style notes.
  • Web Production and Publishing
    I've never met a CMS I couldn't find my way around.
  • Editing, Reporting, and Writing
    There's nothing more exciting than uncovering new, creative ways to tell the world how amazing your brand is.

Can I brag for a sec?

Recent Work: HP Inc.
Great ideas deserve great stories.
Trust, purpose, and EQ are what people are looking for in their relationship to work today.
International Women's Day calls on people to imagine — and take steps toward — a gender-equal world. Actions for companies to take, starting today.
How nonprofit Truckers Against Trafficking empowers people to spot red flags during their daily routines, during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
At the HP Amplify Executive Forum, executives from across HP's businesses illuminate the company's big bets for the future.
HP is a founding partner of the award recognizing South Africa's Mamokgethi Phakeng as a leader in transforming education across the continent.
Some of the lessons Enrique Lores has learned from three decades at the company, where he started as an engineering intern in 1989.
A visit to HP's Design Studio, where the team takes creative leaps and deliberate steps in the quest for good-looking and eco-positive products.
A new HP survey shows how women have remained ambitious in their careers, especially at companies that offer flexibility, growth opportunities, and work/life balance.
They've helped shape the company's antiracism action from the ground up.
This year's all-female contestants on inclusivity, representation, and why they are looking forward to competing in the 2022 OMEN Challenge.
Meet a few of Australia's young innovators whose ideas and drive can help transform the future of ocean health.
Community organizer Tanesha Grant connects students and their families with the technology and tools they need to learn and the resources they need to thrive.
HP is the first company to pilot science-based targets for forests with WWF.
HP and MIT Solve want to invest in girls and young women with an eye toward nurturing the next big idea to fight climate change.
Trees for Jane is a grassroots effort to plant and protect one of the Earth's most precious resources.
HP invited creators to reimagine and reuse plastic waste, transforming it into useful household hacks or even art.
HP aspires to become the world's most sustainable and just technology company.
The challenge: experiment with remote collaboration and create something wholly original.
The new title, out next year, is a 3D game where every journey you embark upon will be different.
KNOTCH interviewed me for its Pros and Content blog about how The Garage has helped raise HP's profile as a thought leader in the technology industry.
Highlights from HP's Sustainable Impact Report, where the company shows progress toward achieving its goals and commits to new ones.
As HP marks 80 years since its founding in the proverbial garage, a look back through its archives.
Artists send printable messages of love and gratitude while the world is on lockdown.

The dramatic, inspiring story of the “Bald Ballerina" told in the VR film The 100%.
An artist ditches brushes for custom-designed tools to create kinetic paintings in rainbow hues.
Jody MacDonald shows us why we can't look away from climate change.
The fashion world and other manufacturers can't wait to get their hands on this magical "box" that captures the texture of any material in 3D.

Documentary Brand Films

Each short film features a brilliant Gen Z mind using technology to make the world a better place.
The challenge: experiment with remote collaboration and create something wholly original.
This heartwarming and hope-filled film series, shot at the peak of the global pandemic, shows students sharing personal letters written to their future selves.
A 3-episode video series that explores how the global pandemic has changed the way people collaborate from afar.
A docu-style film series that celebrates the power of printed photos to capture, preserve, and transform important life moments.
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